The 26th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

4 September - 25 October
Jamaica, Queens, New York

From September 4, the world's longest certified road race: 6 am to midnight for 52 days.

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About the event

Athletes are able to test themselves in a format unlike any other ultra-marathon event. In order to meet their goal of 3100 miles (4989km) in 52 days, they must log an average of 59.6 miles (95.9 km) per day. The runners begin at 6 a.m. and run for extended periods throughout the day, taking breaks as needed. If they want to, they can continue as late as 12 midnight when the course closes for the night. After completing the race, runners have the option of continuing on to complete 5000km. Full details »

The race has been extensively covered by media around the world, including the BBC, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Media coverage »

Latest updates

The day's news from our associate race director Sahishnu Szcsesiul, as well as videos and photos.

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7 October Day 34 - The Sun

The sun finally came out on the runners after a difficult few weeks of rain. The better weather raised spirits and helped the runners pick up the pace. Susan Marshall who has impressed in her debutant race, cheerfully passed through the 2,000 mile mark and still has a good chance of finishing the race at her first attempt.

Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall at 2,000 Miles

Vasu Duzihy
Vasu Duzihy going strong
Lo Wei Ming
Lo Wei Ming
 	Huang Lan Yang
Huang Lan Yang with support from Australia
Sri Chinmoy
A photo of Sri Chinmoy, the founder and inspiration of the 3100 Mile Race, during one of his long runs.

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