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January training

The unusually warm and dry January in Bulgaria makes it more or less perfect for training. Inspired by a new training approach for improving speed and general strength: Hill sprints, hill intervals, threshold tempo runs, intervals etc. Very exciting!

New pages

Welcome to my new blog pages!


A wide selection of tutorials are available, both specifically for Hexeris and for the Gantry Framework.

Site Performance

Optimized images and compressed CSS files, through LESS, improve overall template performance.

Multiple Styles

Choose from an assortment of eight stunning preset style variations to select, configure and customize.

Hexeris Demo

Hexeris is a beautifully versatile template, with subtle style elements to invigorate your site content.

Flexible Layouts

Gantry Layouts can be easily adjusted in the template manager and made page specific through Overrides.

Core Framework

The Gantry Framework forms the core of the Hexeris template, providing a base for most major features.

Strips 8

IMG_3498 Madhupran Schwerk 3100 Mile Race World Record holder Madhupran Schwerk from Germany congratulating Sopan Tsekov for his 3100 mile finish.

Strips 7

suprabha beckjord Suprabha Beckjord 13-time finisher of the 3100 Mile Race Suprabha Beckjord from USA congratulating Sopan Tsekov for his finish.