The Nineteenth Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

14 June - 4 August
Queens New York

The world's longest certified road race, taking place from 6 am to midnight for 52 days.

About the event

Welcome to the 19th Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race- the world’s longest certified footrace. Athletes are able to test themselves in a format unlike any other ultra-marathon event.  They must average 59.6 miles per day- for 52 straight days - in order to reach 3100 miles. The surface is concrete sidewalks around a playground, ball fields, and the confines of a vocational high school, and all in a city neighborhood setting. They must run these miles in an 18-hour daily format. The physical and psychological demands are prodigious, if not overwhelming. Thus, participation is limited to invited athletes who have a resume of multi-day running experience and elite endurance abilities. To date, in the previous 18 years there have been 37 people who have conquered the distance.

 We hope that the race serves as an inspiration for people in all walks of life to ‘go the extra mile’ or reach their own highest potential in whatever they do. Our race founder Sri Chinmoy often used ‘self-transcendence’ as the cornerstone of his philosophy.  He said,” The supreme secret or goal will be to transcend our own capacities. We will not try to defeat others.  We will try only to constantly transcend ourselves. We must try to develop universal goodwill. When transcending ourselves, we will not fight with ourselves.”

Spirit of a Runner - a documentary

From filmmaker Jessie Beers-Altman, this is the most in-depth documentary about the 3100 Mile Race made yet. The race follows 13-time finisher Suprabha Beckjord as she aims to complete the 2008 edition of the race. Spirit of a Runner challenges our definition of possibility, as it explores the enduring capacity of the human heart.


3,100 Miles

Start time

  • 6:00 am every day

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

Serving the running community for over 35 years...

Team Founder Sri Chinmoy

A lifelong advocate of fitness and self-transcendence...


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Award categories

  • Trophies to all finishers


  • USAT&F Certified Course NY12013JG
  • IAU Bronze Level Certification (pending for 2015)
  • UST&F Sanction (pending for 2015)

3100 Mile Race race 2015

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Race director Rupantar LaRusso and videographer Utpal Marshall capture some of the sights and sounds of this unique race.

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