Stutisheel Lebedyev completed the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race for the ninth time today to the delight of an enthusiastic crowd. His wife and daughter, who have been helping him the whole time, were delighted and relieved as he crossed the finish line once again. He battled some difficult times with a few health complications which he bravely faced and patiently fought through to come out victorious in the end. Although it was not his fastest time in this race, crossing the finish line in any time is a great personal achievement for anyone. Tomorrow, the last day of the race, we should see Nirbhasa cross the line in the early evening. The other remaining runnners: Kaneenika, Baladev and Ananda-Lahari, will not cover the full 3100 miles, but nevertheless will stay the course until the end and celebrate their own personal victories as well.  The ultimate goal of 3100 miles is not always reached by everyone in the race. Yet self-transcendence is still experienced on many levels. All of the runners, regardless of the distance covered, have demonstrated this powerful concept each and every day.

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