Day 2, For the totals......

                                    laps                  km         total                    miles         total

Andrea Marcato          104   218       108.5416       227.5199                67.4446   141.3743

Nirbhasa Magee            98   203        102.2796      211.8649                63.5535   131.6468

Ushika Muckenhumer    94  198          98.1049      206.6465                60.9595   128.4042

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin  103  198        107.4979      206.6465                66.7961   128.4042

Milan Javornicky            95  192          99.1486      200.3845                61.6081   124.5132


Another beautiful and hot late summer day in our peaceful Salzburg. The temperature reached again 27 º Celsius; 93% humidity in the morning. Also when we left after closing the camp at 1 am in the morning everything was wet, including the counter sheets, luckily still readable.

Quite a few people in the park are showing interest in the race and getting excited about it.

Because the weekend is over the park is more peaceful. Late afternoon people were playing the Harry Potter ball game nearby.

Andrea had another great day. He is still running like the joggers in the park, even this night. He finished with a 7 min lap, at 11:59 pm.

Nirbhasa marched on and was going home shortly after 11 pm. It seemed he had less problems than the first day. He was the only runner going home before midnight.

Ananda-Lahari is getting already much more joy from doing his daily laps and overtook Milan and Ushika. He is almost always in a very good frame of mind (heart), smiling and moving quickly.

Ushika had problems in the morning with his left shoulder, which was getting much better after being treated by our young therapist Christian. He finished again very happy this night full of gratitude.

Milan is still very silent but seems to be also quite cheerful. When his spiritual brothers from Prague called his silence ended. He ran bravely like all the other three until midnight.





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