Andrea Marcato

41, Dholo, Italy - 3 finishes 3 wins, #3 ranked

Andrea has dominated the last three instalments of the 3100-Mile Race. He ran his fastest time in 2021, reaching a remarkable time of 42 days + 17:38:38. This effort placed him as the third fastest runner of all-time, averaging 72.544 miles / 166.748 km per day. Andrea also regularly enters long distance swimming events, swimming up to 26 km in his longest races. Currently he lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

Vasu Duzhiy

57, St. Petersburg, Russia - 10 finishes 3 wins, #6 ranked

Having completed the longest race 10 times, Vasu has three victories, and the sixth fastest time ever:  44 days + 06:10:42 at an average of 70.049 miles/ 112.732 km per day. At home, he works as a foreman in a forestry business.

Lo Wei-Ming

59, New Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC).  2 finishes, #14 ranked

Wei-Ming has set national and Asian records for his two finishes of the 3100. Last year, his best time was 46 days + 15:01:43, averaging 67.353 miles/ 108.394 km per day. He is ranked #14 all-time in the world.

Stutisheel Lebedev

53, Kyiv, Ukraine. 10 finishes,  #19 ranked

Stutisheel has successfully reached the finish line of the world’s longest race 10 times. In 2004, he made history as the first runner from Ukraine and all post-Soviet countries to cross the finish line of this challenging race. A former Ukrainian record holder, Stutisheel’s personal best is 48 days + 03:57:19. He averaged 64.366 miles / 103.59 km per day. A motivational speaker, professional project manager and certified US T&F coach, he has authored five books about his 3100-Mile Races.

Kaneenika Janakova

53, Bratislava, Slovakia. 3 finishes #1 ranked woman. (#26 overall)

One of the all-time best women runners in the world,

Kaneenika set the current women’s world record for the 3100-Mile Race of 48 days+14:24:10 in 2017, averaging 63.789 miles/ 102.659 km per day. She has three finishes of the longest race, as well as holding all-time distance records for 3000 km - 29:03:10:18; 2000 miles - 31:05:54:14; 4000km - 39:04:08:48; 3000 miles - 47:04:14:20; and 5000km - 48:17:41:49. She lives and works in New York, USA.

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin

48, Kosice, Slovakia. 6 finishes. #29 ranked

Ananda-Lahari has completed the 3100-Mile Race six times, with a best of 49 days+ 09:42:19 at an average of 62.751 miles/ 199.988 km per day. As of this year, he has the distinction of having started the 3100-Mile Race 19 times.

Harita Davies

48, New Zealand & USA. 3 finishes, #5 ranked woman. #36 overall

Harita is a three-time finisher of the 3100-Mile Race, and holds the overall NZ national record of 50 days+13:23:14. She is also a spokesperson for the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, and, in that capacity, has shared the Run’s message of peace with thousands across numerous countries. Originally from New Zealand, she now lives and works in New York, USA.

Susan Marshall

39, Auckland, New Zealand. 1 finish. Ranked #6 women, #39 overall

Susan is a gifted and promising distance runner, finishing her first 3100 Mile Race in 2022. Her finishing time of 50 days+16:23:53 placed her sixth all-time for the women. Susan currently living in Canberra Australia.

Milan Javornicky

49, Celakovice, Czech Republic  

Milan ran 2713.50 miles/ 4367.75 km in the singular Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race in Salzburg, Austria in 2020. He learned a lot about the 52-day experience then, and is now going for Queens, NY.

Tsai Wen-Ya

53, Taichung City, Taiwan (ROC)       

In the last few years, Wen-Ya has made remarkable progress in her long distance running. In 2022 at the Sri Chinmoy Six-Day Race, she set a national 50-54 women’s record for six days. Then, in the Ten-Day Race in 2023, Wen-Ya finished 3rd overall, with over 1000km. She is in great shape, and ready to try the ultimate test.

Yang Huang-Lan

45, Taiwan (ROC)

Nina Yang Huang-Lan has been running multiday races for over a decade. She twice ran the Tour De France Foot Race, a 46-day stage race of 2800 km. She finished fourth lady in our six day race in 2019. Her best long distance performance was in Athens, Greece from January to March of 2000, when she ran over 4000 km, reaching 2,500 miles in 57 days 23 hours. In 2021 she helped her husband Takasumi Senoo from Japan finish the 3100 Mile Race in 51 days +12 hours - as the consummate helper. In the 2022 edition of the 3100-Mile Race, Nina reached the 4000 km mark in an excellent 41 days +07:26:20 and came just short of reaching the 3100 mile goal, finishing with 3000 miles in 51 days+ 13:22:58.

Both Nina and Takasumi are employed in the medical profession in Japan.


Mahasatya Janczak

48, Lublin, Poland        

Mahasatya has run for nearly 20 years, reaching 1000km in two 10-Day Races. He is ready for the ultimate test.

Adrian Papuc

55, Bucharest, Romania                      

In over 40 years of running, Adrian has completed numerous ultras. In one of his best showings throughout these multi-day tests, Adrian went past 411 miles in the 6-Day Race in 2022.

Jason Lester

49, Phoenix, Arizona, USA                               

Jason, in 32 years of running, has accomplished many feats, including: in 2013, he ran from San Francisco to New York City in 72 days (3550 miles) – the fourth fastest time ever; in 2014, he was the first person to run across China on the Great Wall, solo - 2,600 miles in 83 days; in 2016, he crossed solo over Australia – 2,633 miles in 118 days; in 2019, he ran from Spain, through Croatia, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania – a total of 3,680 miles. Recently, he finished second in our Six-Day Race in April with 391 miles. He is ready for the 3100-Mile Race