Vasu Duzhiy

Age 51, St. Petersburg, Russia (5 finishes, 1 win)   

In 2015 Vasu ran a personal best to finish third in 44 days+06:10:42. In 2013 he finished first for the 3100 miler. He has five finishes to his credit, and is ranked fifth alltime for 3100 miles. He is one of only five men to ever average 70 miles a day in the 3100 Mile Race. He works as a foreman for a lumber company when not running long distances.

Smarana Puntigam

46, Vienna Austria

In 2007 Smarana ran his fastest time in the 3100, reaching the goal in 48:04:13:54. He has seven straight finishes at 3100 miles, and returns to the race after a nearly nine-year break. He is still 17th ranked, and is the Austrian record-holder for 3100 miles.

William Sichel

63, Sanday, Orkney, Scotland UK

William has been the consummate ultrarunner for nearly two decades, having run hundreds of ultras and many multi-days. He holds over 160 Scottish, UK, and age-group records. One of his finest efforts was his first 3100 mile finish, at age 60, in 2014, when he rebounded from a slow start to finish in 50 days+15:06:04, making him the oldest finisher in history, as well as the fastest UK finisher. He is 29th ranked all-time out of 39 finishers.

Nidhruvi Zimmermann

51, Vienna, Austria

Nidhruvi reached the 3100 summit in 2013 on her first attempt in 51 days+09:54:59. She happens to be one of the pioneers of women's multi-day running, with eight high-quality multi-day races bettween 1995 and 2002. Among her bests are a 448 mile-six day split in a longer race; 1000 miles in 14 days 22 hours in 1997; and a 2000 victory in the 1300 Mile Race in 18 days 20 hours. She is ranked 31st oveall, and fifth female for the 3100.


Nirbhasa Magee

37, Dublin Ireland

Nirbhasa has run three multidays, including finishing the 3100 Mile Race in 2015, in 51 days+12:12:13. He has been running ultras for 16 years. He works as a care assistant, and is ranked 33rd out of the fortunate 39 people on the list.

Andrey Andreev

51, St Petersburg Russia

Andrey is a veteran of the 10 Day Race, with his best, in 2016, reaching 629 miles, good for fifth place. He has completed 10 multidays in the last ten years, nine of them of the ten day variety. This is his first attempt at 3100 miles.

Sergey Kuzmin

44, Nizhniy Novgorod Russia

A fitness and yoga and pilates instructor, Sergey has run four multidays in the last five years, with a best of 6th place in the 10 day-627 miles in 2016. He has been running for 12 years with nearly 25 ultras to his credit. This is his first try at 3100 miles.

Kaneenika Janakova

Age 47, Bratislava, Slovakia

Last year Kaneenika finished first female and fifth overall in 51+07:31:07. She first attempted the 3100 Mile Race in 2015. In 2014 Kaneenika set her second women’s course record in he Ten Day Race with 727 miles. She has won that event five times, including an overall victory. In twenty years of running, Kaneenika has completed 15 multidays and 32 ultras. Her bests include 443 miles for six days, 727 miles in 10 days, and 1000 miles in 15 days, 19 hours.

Ananda-Lahari Zuskin

Age 42, Kosice, Slovakia

Ananda-Lahari is a veteran of the sport with 16 multidays and over 36 ultras.  He is best known for completing the 3100 miler five times with a fastest finish of 49 days,14 hours. In 2013 he finished second in the Ten Day for the men with 662 miles, a personal best.  

Yolanda Holder

59, Corona,CA USA

Yolanda is the fastest female pedestrian in the world. She has finished 4 six-day races, with a best of 410 miles just this past January. No woman has ever surpassed that total while walking for six days. She finished second lady, eighth overall in our 10 Day race in 2016 with 622 miles,   an American women age-group 55-59 record. She will be the oldest female competitor in 3100 Mile history, and first pure walker. 

Harita Davies

42, Christchurch New Zealand

Harita placed third in the 10 day with 540 miles in 2015. She has run four multi-day races, with a best of 380 miles for six days, set in 2007. She has been running prodigious miles in the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run the last five years.