Ashprihanal Aalto

Age 52, Vihti, Finland - 15 finishes, 9 wins, #1 ranked

In 23 years of running multi-day ultramarathons, Ashprihanal has completed 31 multi-days, with 22 victories and 31 podium finishes. He has the record of fifteen 3100 Mile Race finishes, with nine victories. In 2015 he set the current world record of 3100 miles in 40 days+09:06:21, and the 5000km record of 40 days+12:30:26. He averaged 76.776 miles per day (123.56km). He is excited to run in a cooler-temperature 3100 Mile race this year. We shall see!

Andrea Mercato

40, Dholo, Italy - 2 finishes 2 wins #3 ranked

Andrea has been moving quickly up the pole of elite runners in the 3100 Mile Race, having won the 2020 and 2021 races, reaching the third fastest man status last year in a remarkable 42 days+17:38:38. He is one of six men who have averaged over 70.1 miles/ 112.6 km per day for his race. He is also a competitive swimmer in long, open water swimming races and currently works in Zurich, Switzerland.

Vasu Duzhiy

Age 55, St. Petersburg, Russia - 9 finishes 3 wins #6 ranked

Vasu has completed 9 consecutive 3100 Mile Races, with a best of 44 days+06:10:42. He is a three-time winner of the 3100, and plans all year to come to New York to run. He is a foreman in a lumber company outside St Petersburg, and helps to inspire sportsman all over eastern Europe to reach their potential through proper nutition, body strength and flexibility, as well as meditation practices.

Kobi Oren

50, Kiryat-Tivon Israel  - 1 finish, #13 ranked

Kobe returns to New York to run the 3100 for the second time. In 2018 he finished the 3100 Mile Race in 46+03:24:48. He became the first Middle Eastern and first Israeli to finish the 3100 Mile Race. He is a two-time 1000 mile national record-holder. He also teaches aspiring runners to seek higher goals with intelligent, mindful tactics and positive attitudes. Welcome back Kobi!

Stutisheel Lebedev

Age 52, Kyiv, Ukraine - 9 finishes,  #19 ranked

This year will be the 14th try for Stutisheel, who is a nine-time finisher, and former Ukrainian record-holder. His best was in 2014, with a time of 48days+03:57:19. Stutisheel has written four books about his experiences in the races; the importance of proper nutrition in the long events; and the need for proper training methods. He is a former CEO in a tech firm in Kyiv.

Nirbhasa Magee

Age 43, Ireland - 4 finishes #24 ranked

Nirbhasa ran his fastest time in 2019 of 48 days and nine hours, finishing in second place. A holder of a PhD in particle physics, Nirbhasa helps to manage our website when he is not running. He currently lives in Reykjavik, Iceland where he works as a care assistant for people with motor neurone disease (ALS). He is the only Irishman to finish 3100 miles.

Lo Wei Ming

58, New Taipei City Taiwan ROC     1 finish #25 ranked

An amazing runner and ambassador for his home in Taiwan, Wei-Ming arrived last year after waiting several years to run his dream race. In 2021, Wei-Ming fulfilled his dream to finish the 3100 in 48 days+11:52:01, becoming the first Asian and first Taiwanese man to ever finish the longest race. He ran almost the whole race in flip flops, and remarkably finished second overall at age 57. He had a live interview with the Premier of Taiwan just minutes after finishing. Everyone in Taiwan knows Wei-Ming Lo !!

Kaneenika Janakova

Age 52, Bratislava, Slovakia

In 2017 Kaneenika broke the women’s world record by nearly 17 hours in a time 48 days+14:24:10
. She has 3 finishes overall. She has won the Sri Chinmoy Ten Day women’s crown five times, including an overall victory (men and women) and two course records. She holds women’s all-time world records for 3000km, 4000km, 5000km, 2000 miles and 3000 miles. Previously, she dominated the Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Race, which she won four times and set two event records, the best being 727 miles/ 1169.99km. She has been training well and hopes to do her best once more.

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin

Age 47, Kosice, Slovakia

The man known for the most starts -17- in 3100 lore, Ananda-Lahari is coming to New York to again move without boundaries. He has six finishes, of which the best came in 2019. He finished in 49 days+09:42:19. He is known for running super-fast days in the latter stages of several 3100 adventures; he once ran 89 miles on Day 47 one year, happy to inspire a few slower runners who needed a boost. He is enthusiastic about running and being in the moment. He lives and works in Oslo.

Susan Marshall

Age 38, Auckland, New Zealand  Two-time six-day winner

Susan has been running ultras and multi-day races for several years. She has won two six day races, with a 442 mile win in the rains and winds of New York this past spring. She has exceeded her own estimates of her running potential, and her entry in this 3100 mile race is the next inspirational step in her running adventure.

Huang Lan Yang

44, Taiwan (living in Japan)

Huang Lan, also known as Nina, has been running multiday races for over a decade. She twice ran the Tour De France Foot Race, a 46-day stage race of 2800km. She finished fourth lady in our six day race in 2019. Her best long distance performance was in Athens, Greece from January to March of 2000, when she ran over 4000km, reaching 2,500 miles in 57 days 23 hours. In 2021 she helped her husband Takasumi Senoo from Japan finish the 3100 Mile Race in 51 days +12 hours- as the consummate helper. This year is the reverse - Nina runs, Takasumi helps! Both Nina and Takasumi are employed in  the medical profession in Japan.


Stephen Redfern

50, Engadine, NSW Australia    

Stephen has been running ultras all over Australia with good to excellent success. He has done several back to back races to train body and mind, but really does enjoy running in the Blue Mountains and in other areas near Canberra. He has run over 60 ultras, including over 400 miles for six days, and looks forward to the journey of longer races. The 3100 Mile Race has been in his mind and heart for the last 8 years, so we shall see how he can run the race in the neighborhood. Welcome to New York, Stephen.