Vasu Duzhiy

Age 52, St. Petersburg, Russia

Vasu won the 2017 race in 46 days, 17 hours, his second victory. In 2015 he ran a personal best to finish in third place, reaching 3100 miles in 44 days+06:10:42. He ran almost three days faster than his previous best. He now has six finishes to his credit. He is ranked fifth all-time for 3100 miles. He is one of only five men to have averaged 70 or more miles per day in this event. He works as a foreman for a lumber company when not running long distances.

Kaneenika Janakova

Age 48, Bratislava, Slovakia

Last year Kaneenika finished the 3100 for the second time in 48 days+14:24:10
, breaking the women’s world best by nearly 17 hours. She won the Sri Chinmoy Ten Day women’s crown five times, including an overall victory and two course records. She holds women’s all-time best marks for 3000km, 4000km, 5000km, 2000 miles and 3000 miles. In over twenty years of running, Kaneenika has completed eighteen multi-days and 41 ultras. Her many personal bests include 443 miles for six days, 727 miles in 10 days, and 1000 miles in 15 days, 12 hours.

Yolanda Holder

Age 60, Corona, CA, USA

Yolanda is the fastest female pedestrian in the world. She completed the 3100 Mile Race last year in 51days+17:00:13, becoming only the second American woman, and eighth all-time to complete the 3100 mile summit. She has finished 6 six-day races, with a best of 410 miles, another record in her stack of achievements. She finished second lady, eighth overall in our 10 Day race in 2016 with 622 miles. In 2015 she set a Guinness record of 340 consecutive days of walking 26.2 miles. She feels that she can far transcend her 3100 Mile time this year.

Smarana Puntigam

Age 47, Vienna, Austria

In 2007 Smarana ran his fastest time in the 3100, reaching the goal in 48:04:13:54. He had seven straight finishes at 3100 miles, and returned to the race last year after a nine-year break. He is still 17th ranked for 3100 miles, and is the Austrian record-holder. He is still in search of the perfect race.

William Sichel

Age 64, Sanday, Orkney, Scotland, UK

William has been the consummate ultrarunner for nearly two decades, holding over 160 Scottish, UK, and age-group records. One of his finest efforts was his first 3100 mile finish, at age 60, in 2014, when he rebounded from a slow start to finish in 50 days+15:06:04, making him the oldest finisher in history, as well as the fastest UK finisher. He is 29th ranked all-time out of 41 finishers. He runs an import fabric business back home on the Orkney Islands.

Surasa Mairer

Age 59, Vienna, Austria

In 2015, Surasa stunned the ultra world, and even herself, as she says, winning the 2015 3100 Mile Race for the ladies in record fashion in 49 days +07:52:01-at age 56. A veteran ultra runner whose career spans over 22 years, Surasa has completed 22 multi-days. She is still the women’s world record holder for 1000 km, 700 miles, and 1300 miles. She has two wins and three finishes in the 3100. She works as an executive secretary when not running long distances.


Sopan Tsekov

Age 37, Sofia, Bulgaria

A two-time finisher of the 3100 Mile race, Sopan has a best of 50 days+13:48:57. He has the distinction of being the youngest finisher of the 3100 Mile race, set in 2005, at age 24. Sopan holds many Bulgarian national records for his multi-day exploits, including 1000km and 700 mile times recorded when he was just 20 years of age, as well as the many splits beyond 2000km and 1300 miles all the way up to 3100 miles and 5000km. Sopan gives lectures on running the long races, and speaks about the inspiration that led him to running.

Kobi Oren

Age 46, Tel Aviv, Israel

In 28 years of running, Kobi has excelled at multi-day events. He has won three 6-day races and two 10-day events. Victories include: at six days in Greece (768 km-477 miles), France (739 km-459 miles), Norway (771 km-479 miles), 10 days in South Africa (1113 km-692 miles) and the winner of the Sri Chinmoy 10-Day in 2016 with 755 miles.

Usika Muckenhummer

Age 50, Salzburg, Austria

The winner of the 2002 Sri Chinmoy Ten Day Race with 631 miles, Ushika finished third in the Ten Day in 2015 with 625 miles, his best total in over a decade. He has been running for over 22 years with 40 ultras and 16 multi-days to his credit. He works in the musical instrument business.

Ananda-Lahari Zuskin

Age 43, Kosice, Slovakia

Ananda-Lahari is a veteran of the sport with 16 multi-days and over 36 ultras.  He is best known for completing the 3100 miler five times with a fastest finish of 49 days,14 hours. In 2013 he finished second in the Ten Day for the men with 662 miles, a personal best.