The race goes on for 18 hours a day as it has been for almost 6 weeks so far. Many things happen during those 18 hours every day including ocassional live music for the runners. Here is a short video of some live music to serenade the runners this morning. 

The 3100 mile race is a 'BIG' race. As a matter of fact it is the longest certified footrace in the world. To some people that does not mean much as they may not be able to grasp the scope of such an event nor value it. But even if one does not understand the nature or significance of this epic journey, sometimes there are people and media who want to understand and share it with others. Today one of the largest news stations, Fox 5, came out to understand and cover the race with a very nice piece which was immediately broadcast at a prime time spot on nationwide TV. Here is the link:

In the next short video we see Surasa trying to answer some questions while moving with the TV crew.



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