Every day at the 3100 mile race course offers new surprises and new arrivals to help or witness this spectacular event. Today two more runners, Kaneenika and Stutisheel, reached the halfway point of 1550 miles on this officially halfway day 26 of the 52 days allotted. Papaha from San Diego, Prabuddha from Australia and some new helpers arrived today as well. Prabuddha loves and follows this race every day on the internet and now, for the first time, he is physically present, coming all the way from Australia to stop by here on his way to Ireland. Vasavi, one of Surasa's excellent handlers, tells us what it feels like to have to leave for home at the halfway point. The rains came late in the evening as we see on one of the videos what it is like for the runners to run in the pouring rain.

Click on the arrows for the slide show of some of today's excitement. Enjoy the videos as we see another great day on this great journey of 3100 miles.


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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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