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Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.
  • Harita finish

    Harita finish

Harita Davies finished the 3100 mile race today, passing the final mark in 51 days +16:43:11. Harita averaged 59.954 miles/ 96.488 km per day. She is still the New Zealand National Record Holder overall. She is also the sixth fastest of the women who finished the 3100 Mile Race. Her steadiness and dedication led to another finish.

Jason Lester- 49, from Phoenix, Arizona had to deal with some illnesses and the difficulty of supreme long distance running. Jason reached 2,700 miles in 51 days +12:41:31. He learned a lot about protecting and saving his feet and lower legs for weeks and weeks of hard surfaces.

Adrian Papuc, 55, from Bucharest, Romania, reached 4000 km in 51 days+05:13:02. Later he reached 2,500 miles in 51 days+15:41:31. Both marks were the farthest distances he ever reached. Milan Javornicky, 49, from Celakovice Czech Republic passed 3000 miles in 51:08:06:58

The Curtain Comes Down on the 3100 Mile Race

Shortly after 10 p.m. on Friday, a small crowd starts gathering around the tented area of the 3,100-mile race. They are gathering to welcome the final finisher of the race, Harita Davies. Then, at midnight, the final runners will reach the end of their own personal 52-day adventures. The distance they have covered in the 52 days, will be recorded on the final result sheet. It will be a personal milestone for many.

For Milan Javornicky, despite falling just short of the 3100 goal, it will still be the furthest he has ever run in his life. This morning, he passed the 3,000-mile barrier, an improvement on the 2,700 + miles he ran in the Salzburg race in 2020.

Jason Lester, although having covered more distance on his solo continental adventures, is happy he has run his furthest distance yet in a race situation, quite a different experience than some of his previous adventures.

Adrian Papuc reached 2,500 miles this evening, By far the furthest distance he has achieved, His cheerfulness in dealing with a few issues as the race progressed made him a friend for life with all the other runners and with the local community of Sri Chinmoy, volunteers who come to help daily.

Nina has also made a lot of friends despite her injury issues. Susan, Stutisheel and Ananda-Lahari know what it is like to finish this race. In Stutisheel and Ananda-Laharis’s case, on multiple occasions. Although they did not reach 3,100 miles, they will still be happy they have embraced the challenge and found the capacity inside themselves to overcome their own inner and outer challenges.

Shortly after 10.30 p.m. Harita, a model of consistency these last 52 days, finishes her 4th 3,100 race. In 51 Days +16:43:11. For the majority of days, she has run close to the daily minimum required to finish inside the 52-day cut-off. Today is no different, and with perfect timing, has reached the goal with just over an hour to spare. At the finish ceremony, she said "I have run this race four times now and I still can’t fathom or understand how I do it.”

After the usual finishers celebrations, It is time to cheer on the final runners on their last few laps as the clock reaches midnight. After celebrations for everyone, with more cake and songs, runners return to their apartments, helpers tidy up the tented area for the day as they have done for the last 52 days. Tomorrow, a crew of volunteers will return to undertake a “takedown “ of the site. The curtain will then come down on the 2023 3100-mile race.

[Report by Sahishnu and Tarit]

Finishing Times So Far

  1. Andrea Marcato, 41 Dohlo, Italy (Zurich)                               43 days+13:33:23
  2. Wei-Ming Lo, 58, New Taipei City, Taipei (ROC)                    45 days +08:41:27
  3. Tsai Wen-Ya, 54, Taichung City, Taiwan (ROC)                      45 days +12:28:44 WWR - 1st Woman
  4. Vasu Duzhiy, 57, St. Petersburg, Russia                                49 days+15:36:01
  5. Mahasatya Janczak, 48, Lublin Poland                                  50 days+10:30:41
  6. Harita Davies, 48, New Zealand & USA                                  51 days +16:43:11
  • Milan Javornicky - 3031.5
  • Jason Lester - 2700.0
  • Stutisheel Lebedev - 2624.1
  • Kaneenika Janakova - 2576.4
  • Adrian Papuc 2507.9
  • Ananda-Lahari Zuscin - 2421.2
  • Susan Marshall 2276.9
  • Nina Huang-Lan Yang 2072.9

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