The Magnificent Seven have had their dreams fulfilled in the longest race, or not. Today, the remarkable athlete from Japan- Takasumi Senoo- became the first runner from the Land of the Rising Sun to challenge and cross the finish line within the time limit. Takasumi finished in 51:12:50:52. Mr Senoo was very thankful of all the help offered, and of course, praised his wife for her steadfast help and knowledge within. Mr Senoo and the other remaining runners endured a lot, but grabbed the brass ring, just as a bonafide N’oreaster rocked the New York area all day, with heavy rains and wind. The 25th Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race reached its conclusion, but the stories and friendships have created a lifetime of memories.

See you next year folks, when the race around the block moves forward again, one day at a time, one lap at a time.

Final results

1.  Andrea Marcato     3100 miles- 42:17:38:38                     

                                         72.544 miles / 116.748 km              

2.  Wei Ming Lo           3100 miles- 48:11:52:01                                 

                                         63.928 miles / 102.882 km

3.  Vasu Duzhiy           3100 miles- 49:12:45:26                                

                                         62.589 miles / 100.728 km

4.  Harita Davies         3100 miles-50:13:23:14                                

                                         61.319 miles /  98.683 km

5. Takasumi Senoo     3100 miles-51:12:50:52        

                                         59.864 miles /  96.341 km

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin  2871.32 miles /4620.94 km  

                                         55.217 miles /  88.864 km

Stutisheel Lebedev      2741.25 miles/4413.389 km           

                                         53.861 miles /  86.680 km

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The 28th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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