Nirbhasa Magee- 4900km- 50:08:26:30

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- 4500km- 50:16:27:12       

Milan Javornicky- 4300km- 50:04:27:18;  2700miles- 50:13:13:06

Today was the penultimate day, and still meaningful in the 3100 Mile Race spectrum. Nirbhasa Magee has run the gamut of emotional feelings no doubt, during this race. He has run better and faster than he has done this year, and yet, his perseverance, in the light of near empty energy issues and other maladies, speaks volumes of his tenacity, intensity, and never-give-up attitude. He could have dropped out of the race a few weeks ago, but has maintained his composure and won the battle over himself. Tomorrow, after 44 more laps, (45.92km/ 28.53 miles) he will enjoy an endgame of victory that only he can describe and appreciate. We can easily admire and learn from his determination and surrender to whatever happens. Nirbhasa, you are one tough cookie and great human being. Rest easy after the cheers have faded. And eat everything in site. Take a few days or weeks off please, you have earned it.

Sometime between 14:00 and 15:35 hours, he will reach 3100 miles. The other two lads will do what they do. 

Cheers to all. And thanks for following the race.


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