With the fastest runners having completed their task, and enjoyed rest and relaxation, the final six runners on the course have to search for motivation. To keep going when a finish is hopeless must be a difficult pill to swallow. Of the six, only Kaneenika Janakova has a chance of reaching the goal on Tuesday at midnight. Thus, it is intriguing for the other five to taste the emptiness of a self-imposed purgatory. Here is where their inner depth kicks in. What better time than now to show their real strength, their real fortitude, their real dedication to the highest reality. What better time than now?!

Kaneenika Janakova has been managing her race well the last 10 days, and with two more efforts, should reach the finish line that eluded her a year ago. If she is vigilant, sometime between 1:00 pm and 2:30, a smile on her face and a sense of utter relief should accompany the Slovakian champion.  She reached 3000 miles today almost two days faster than last year. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

Kaneenika Janakova-3000 miles-49 days+12:31:15

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