Two men made it to the finish line today. Vasu Duzhiy, 52, St Petersburg, Russia ran 27.4 miles to reach his goal of 3100 miles, in doing so he became an eight-time finisher. His time was 49 days+06:39:09. He averaged 62.913 miles per day (101.248km). The gracious and humble lumber foreman is still ranked fifth all-time for 3100 miles.

He was joined in the finishers’ ranks by Ananda-Lahari Zuscin, 44, Kosice Slovakia. Mr Zuscin has started 15 times in the world’s longest race, and his heroic performance this year netted his sixth finish, a personal best. He finished in 49 days+09:42:19, which averages out to 62.75 miles (100.988 km). Ananda- Lahari beat his best effort, set in 2006, by nearly five hours. Patience, perseverance and a dauntless spirit have kept Ananda-Lahari  focused on the Goal. 

The rest of the field kept running well into the evening after the two afternoon finishes. Harita Davies ran 62.01 miles to position herself for a Tuesday afternoon finish. Smarana Puntigam needs a mere 129 laps to reach his goal on Monday, but the gentleman may stretch his run out a little until Tuesday morning on the last day. Todor Dimitrov keeps inspiring everyone here at the race, as he ran 67.5 miles, virtually aligning himself with a most improbable finish on Tuesday evening.  The runner of the Day prize, however, aside from the finishers, had to be given to Ushika Muckenhumer, for his 71.3 mile day. It looks like we just might have three runners finish on Tuesday.

Smarana Puntigam- 3000 mile- 49:08:42:35

Harita Davies- 3000 mile- 49:10:46:31

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