On a mostly cloudy day with nary a raindrop, eleven of 12 runners made it past the 60 mile barrier by end of day. The 12th runner was only 2 laps shy of 60 miles, and only two laps shy of being on pace to finish. But no one talks about finish in these early days. It is about settling in, and getting used to the grind of daily miles. The humidity was moderate, but the runners responded, as Atmavir Petr Spacil continued the front-runner with 72.44 miles today(377.57 total). He has been the only runner to be over 70 miles on every day so far.  Vasu Duzhiy lurks 6 miles back after another day leader effort-73.53 miles. Yuri Trostenyuk moved into third place overall with 68.6 miles, and Ashprihanal Aalto had some snap in his legs to get to 71.34 miles- his best day since Day 1. Surasa Mairer again led the ladies with 62.01 miles(325.9 total), as all three women hurdled the 60 mile barrier with time still left on the clock. 

The first ten runners all have a cushion of miles above the standard daily total needed to finish the race. It is early to predict anything about this race, but the group in the race this year are moving along nicely. Even injured Stutisheel Lebedyev was feeling frisky enough to get over 100 km for the day. He has plenty of time to erase a 37 mile deficit, and the experience to keep moving will land him in the majority that is on pace. Stay tuned, as the six day splits arrive tomorrow.

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