The seven remaining runners kept the grindstone moving along. Nirbhasa Magee ran 66.4 miles today to get into position to finish around 330 in the afternoon on Saturday. He is 23 miles ahead of his best finish from 2017.  Todor Dimitrov ran 65.85 miles, his best day since Day 24, and is challenging an enormous task of duplicating this total for the last four days of the race. Vasu Duzhiy is 81 miles away from his eighth straight finish of the longest race. Harita Davies is 13 miles ahead of her finish from 2017 and is getting stronger again. 

Vasu Duzhiy- 3000 miles- 47:12:15:27

Smarana Puntigam- 2900 miles- 47:14:00:47

Todor Dimitrov- 2800 miles- 47:07:07:40

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***EVENT CANCELLED***The Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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