Apart from the weekend traffic and wayward beachgoers, Atmavir Petr Spacil cruised to his ninth finish in as many starts of the 3100 Mile Race. The youthful looking Atmavir crested the tape in 47 days+11:32:00, the second fastest  3100 of his impressive multi-day career. He is still ranked ninth alltime for the 3100 Mile Race. Atmavir exuded gratitude to all his friends, helpers, his running colleagues , and especially his coach and guide- Sri Chinmoy as his race resulted in another podium finish of third place.                                    

Vasu Duzhiy had another fine day to position himself for a mid-morning conclusion to his 3100 Mile Race. His 66.95 miles led all runners. Vasu has only 17.56 miles to negotiate on saturday morning to reach his goal of 3100 miles. This will translate to a 10:00 am finish if his pace is moderate in the expected warm sun.

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