Okay, so you may have seen today’s results before reading this daily account of what might have happened in the long race just hours ago (Friday), and thought you saw a typo or serious mistake in the day leader totals for Day 48.  Well, I am here to defend the printed and published result- yes, a man did run 89.45 miles on Day 48, after having run 2551+ miles in the previous 47 days. The gifted, quiet, observant, running savant- Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- reached 89.4544 miles, and hopped on his electric bike and went home, satisfied with his effort. He has great running talent, and frankly, this observer feels he can run with the elite- if he wanted to. It is like Barry Sanders in the NFL – he retired just shy of the all-time yardage mark, with still great years left in his legs- because he wanted to. In my estimation, Barry was the greatest ball-carrier/runner elusive athlete that brutal sport has ever seen. Ananda-Lahari is not the Barry Sanders of multi-day racing, but he runs like a gazelle, and is humble, quiet to the core, and runs to his own inner drummer. And when he reveals his talent, it is awesome to see. He is smooth as silk, and can run quick for hours and hours. He ran more miles this day than he ever did on this course, even when fresh on the first day of any of his 14 years at the 3100 Mile Race.  God blessed this man. He knows it, too.

Ushika Muckenhumer-2900 miles-47:02:31:28

William Sichel-2700 miles-47:11:36:51

Smarana Puntigam-2700 miles-47:12:29:10

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