After the fierce competition on Day 46, it was a walk in the park for Yuri Trostenyuk today, as the native of Vinnitsa, Ukraine won the 20th edition of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence. His winning time was 46 days+01:10:25, an average of 67.323 miles per day/108.346 km. Yuri, 52, retains his ranking of 11th all-time for 3100 miles, and has completed the world's longest certified race four times. He was a model of consistency, never going lower than 63.11 miles on any day, and showed tremendous strength throughout the difficult heatwave that sapped energy and willpower from almost every competitor in the race. Mr Trostenyuk needed to defend his top position in the race in the latter stages, as his efforts combined against those of Ashprihanal Aalto, created the closest finish in event history. Only 94 minutes separated the two stalwarts after 46 days and two hours of running. Yuri remains the ever-smiling competitor, confident in the journey and full of gratitude for every opportunity to run very long.

The second position this morning went to Ashprihanal Aalto, the 45 year old courier from Helsinki, Finland. Mr Aalto set the current all-time record for 3100 miles last year (40 days+09 hours), and surprisingly showed up at the line again this year. It seemed that he had not fully recovered from the epic finish of 2015, yet, overcoming fitness and chest cold issues, ran himself into shape. In a final blitz to the finish line he averaged four straight days of 78.61 miles per day, including the final battle yesterday of 86.1. Alas, second place was his fate. By finishing, however, Ashprihanal became the only person to finish the 3100 a record 14 times. His completion today took 46 days+02:54:22, which is an average of 67.218 miles per day(108.177 km). He also holds most victories, most completions while averaging 70plus miles per day, and many individual bests for marks past 2100 km and 1400 miles.


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