Smarana wrote from his morning remembrances:

Day 47 Ushika by puddle-X3.jpg
Photo by Alakananda Day 47

The rain again took the runners hostage. From morning to midnight it was drizzling or pouring down. Nevertheless, the runners seem to have adjusted to the rain and are in good spirits. Ananda-Lahari has found his rhythm again and is on the move. Ushika is like a German tank and Milan looks very confident. The rain also keeps the helpers busy. Bipin, Devashishu and Horst are taking shifts in cleaning the surface and removing some big puddles, at least it keeps them warm by temperatures around 10 degrees. Luckily there is not much wind today, so the ‘chill factor’ is not so high....

Nirbhasa bravely walks, sometimes tries to jog and so gets the best out of the situation. He closed the day at midnight with 85,5 km, which is again above the average mileage that he needs for finishing the Race on the 52nd day. 

Ananda-Lahari had another good running day (no walking, Yeahh) with a great result considering that the heavy rain conditions were extremely hard. He succeeded in covering 115,8 km. I do not know if anyone else could do that, he had in 18 hours of rain not a single break. The only lap split that could look like a break was 7 min longer than usual. So one could say he had one 7 min break for the whole day. Wow! Of course, he was the winner of the day! 

Milan reached at night for the first time in his life the 4000 km landmark, which we celebrated shortly with bells and ‘Bengali fire’. His final result was 92,8 km.

Ushika proved his theory wrong that on the days with ‘holy’ numbers (like it is 47 for us, because India gained freedom in 1947) he has it very difficult. True it was very difficult because of the rain, but his daily mileage was magnificent,105,4 km. Which brought him second place. He reached at night 4700 km, on the 47th day!  The math is easy 100 km a day…. 



  • Ushika Muckenhumer - 2900miles- 46:12:01:09;                  4700km- 46:17:49:40
  • Milan Javornicky- 4000km- 46:17:34:05

Ushika Muckenhumer is moving quickly closer to the goal. His dream of finishing on Sunday evening is real. He has 276 laps to go. He only needs 92 laps per day to finish Sunday evening. 178.16 miles / 286.72km remain. Ananda-Lahari does what he does. He goes against the grain, but he just listens to his intuition and asks the Higher power within whether he should run. he is the mildest multi-day runner we have ever had in our races.  Milan is doing well, and for him to reach over 4000km is a great effort. Nirbhasa knows he will finish. He is just praying that he can run and the energy will return. Five days remain. God Bless you all, men. You are doing it, all the way.


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