Kobi Oren led the push to high miles with an excellent 71.34 mile-day. He needs 28 laps (15.36 miles) to reach the finish line on Thursday. He has persevered the summer in New York City- heat and humidity, coupled with stiff winds and heavy rains on some days, to be on the cusp of his first 3100-mile finish. He is averaging 67.061 miles per day (107.924 km). Estimated time of arrival is 9:00 to 9:30 am, EDT.  

Sopan Tsekov has made a good recovery from nasty blisters to again resume his relentless running style. He is within 5 laps of being on pace to finish on the last day. Six days to go, and the runners keep moving, keep hoping their bodies hold up a little while longer. Early risers, come on out to see a great runner and his cohorts run and run.

Ushika Muckenhumer-2800 miles-45:09:03:55

Sopan Tsekov-2700 miles-45:06:25:04

William Sichel-2600 miles-45:15:38:23

Smarana Puntigam-2600 miles-45:17:18:33

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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