One of the keys to doing well in the summer running of the 3100 Mile Race is to play around the weather; that is, run what you can in the morning hours, don’t exert too much effort in getting through the afternoon sun and associated heat, and finally, run well up to the midnight hour. The one factor the runners must account for, however, is to not run oneself into the ground at night. Harita and Todor, who are both good evening runners, found out that too much exertion late can be a springboard for illness and injury. They both exhibited spells of exhaustion and dehydration this morning, which caused them to back off considerably. The sneaky hot 93ºF and above 50% humidity did favors to no one. Somehow all runners survived. The best survivor today was Ashprihanal Aalto, who came within 144 miles tonight of finishing the race, most likely Friday morning, after an impressive 65.85 mile day. Vasu Duzhiy was the only other runner to reach 60+ miles, as he solidified his third place. With seven days to go, and an apparent break in the weather, we might see a return to big miles before the clock strikes midnight next Tuesday. 

Good luck to all runners.

Ashprihanal Aalto-2900 miles- 44:02:18:07

Vasu Duzhiy- 2800 miles- 44:11:07:21

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-2800 miles- 44:17:47:08

Smarana Puntigam- 2700 miles- 44:06:42:21

Harita Davies- 2700 miles- 44:12:40:28

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