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Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.

Day 44, saw Andrea Marcato has won the 2022 edition of Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Race in a time of 43 days 3h 20m 27s. His remarkable achievement is his third consecutive win, and another impressive time, averaging over 71 miles since he began on 4 September.\

Andrea finish video.

Andrea Marcato finishes the race

The last lap of 5,649. (The course is 0.5488 mile loop)

Two great champions

Andrea with Lo Wei Ming and his supporters.

Elsewhere in the race, it was a good day for Asprihanal Aalto and Lo Wei Ming who both got close to 70 miles and also passed 2,900 miles. Both men are now close to finishing. Susan Marshall continued her good race with 61 miles and is set to finish. Huang Lan Yang managed 57 miles yesterday and is still just about on course for a maiden finish. Stutisheel with another 63.1 mile race is also seeking to catch up his missing miles to hopefully finish all 3,100 miles by the end of day 52.

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