Wei-Ming Lo has impressed everyone with his gentle humor, grace under pressure, and most definitely- his running abilities and smooth running gait. He is 232.52 miles away from his date with running destiny on Saturday. He hopes to finish the 3100 Mile Race by 600pm local time (1800 hours). Today was a business-as-usual effort, interspersed with speed laps and complete control of his effort / journey. By 1100pm he was ready to call it a day.

Mr Lo was upstaged by one man today, who was due for an eye-opener of famous late race secret plans which showcase his talent. Ananda-Lahari Zuscin ran 76.83 miles/ 123.65km. to wow the visitors or onlookers. He is a wonderful talent, regardless of whether he should be doing better than what we see sometimes. Harita Davies is also tearing up her personal best results with each day remaining. Vasu Duzhiy will finish Sunday, Harita nearly a day later than Vasu, and Takasumi Senoo will bring up the rest on Tuesday evening.

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