The first sentences in most of the chapters are in perfect English because they are written by Devashishu who has been visiting us since yesterday.

Day 44 Ananda Lahari smiling with cup-X3.jpg
Ananda-Lahari Photo: Alakananda - Gallery

Today started with low temperatures and rain. In contrast with yesterday and the big celebrations for Andrea’s finish, it was very quiet. The four remaining competitors forged on silently and steadily. The finish yesterday was like a big firework display, full of noise and celebration. In some ways that would have been a source of energy for the runners, but it might also have been a challenge. 

This morning, Nirbhasa cheerfully commented that every time he tries to push his body, it feels worse, and so he is trying to find a gentler rhythm and flow. He closed the day at midnight with 85,5 km and said good-bye with a soulful smile. The 85,5 km he did would be enough for an average daily mileage to finish the Race on time. 

 Ananda-Lahari seemed to be enjoying the tranquility. With an inner intensity he pushed forward, walking the whole day, avoiding any distractions. He finished the day with 76,1 km, as usual in his unreachable poised manner.

There was a noticeable intensity in Milan’s efforts today as well – he is looking strong and running briskly at regular intervals. That made him the winner of the day with 97 km, for the first time in this Race he had the honor to get that position.

Ushika looked as strong as ever, striding forward with his unique style and gait. Unfortunately he had no speed today and covered  ‘only’ 90,7 km. It seems he luckily has no extra pain. 

Walking with him I read to him the new very long and very inspiring online-article we got this morning from our dear journalist-friend Gerald Lehner on, including 23 beautiful pictures. That made Ushika very happy, because the article is also focusing on the great letters of support we got from our president and from two ladies who live close by the park and really express their gratitude to the runners and helpers for the positive change in the park. Also our city newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten produced a short article with a photo of Ushika congratulating Andrea.

Devashishu and Priyavadin


Nirbhasa Magee- 2700miles- 44:44:01:44:35; 4400km- 44:12:59:45

Milan Javornicky- 3800km- 44:15:07:38

The effects of the winner of the 3100 Mile Race finishing earlier than most, leaves a hole in the energy of the race. The remaining runners have to strengthen their determination, and continue the journey, some knowing full well that the desired goal is lost in this journey. After yesterday’s energizing and spectacular finish by Andrea Marcato, the course takes on a different feel. The top two remaining are hoping for a real finish, but that is at least a week away, a lot of laps still to be covered. Here, our sympathetic oneness comes into play. They are all good runners, doing something almost all of us observers could never do, in this lifetime. Yet, they continue to persevere and move forward. That is what we do, us normal humans. We move along, inspired to do our best in our own endeavors. And that is the meaning of this race. What do we learn, that is up to our own observation, and ultimately, our own aspiration to move forward. The opportunity is there, to make the most out of something good and great. Thanks fellas, for being in the battle, and carrying the banner of progress.


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