Today was like double jeopardy all day. After Andrea Marcato’s tremendous finish late the night before, and a return today for the 13 laps to the magical 5000km split (optional), the air was let out of the running course, and Mother Nature whacked the course and its  inhabitants all about, with cold blasts from the north and gusts to over 25MPH.  Energy at Race HQ has dwindled significantly, as Andreas was offering interview after interview on the phone. The remaining Six Starters are still in the game, with four more likely finishers from this group. All of the heroes continue to compete with themselves.

Wei-Ming Lo made it past 2800 miles to position himself for a likely finish on Saturday. Vasu Duzhiy will likely finish his journey on Sunday afternoon, and Harita Davies will reach her goal on Monday, God willing. Takasumi-San Senoo will grind it out until late Tuesday next, before tasting the joys and satisfaction of finishing the longest race.

Wei-Ming Lo- 4500km- 43:15:51:11

                      2800 miles- 43:16:39:52

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The 28th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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