Sunday was a bit like saturday's weather- wet, warm and humid in the morning, hot sunny and humid in afternoon, rainy in evening. The good thing was that four men made it past 60 miles. The better thing was that two men made it past 70 miles. The best thing was that those two extended themselves to contest the top rung of the ladder. Yuri Trostenyuk , the leader with a nearly insurmountable 27 mile lead, stayed right up on the heels of Ashprihanal Aalto for over two hours, matching the wiry Finn step for step. Mr Aalto carved a small lead in the morning. When sunny, then overcast skies turned to more showers, Ashprihanal did not cower, but powered on. A late evening drenching, heavy downpour only hastened the steps of both runners. When the day ended, Yuri had run 71.89 miles, his best total since Day 2. Ashprihanal reached another gear, reaching 76.28 miles, his best output since Day 1. The two are now four miles closer to each other than yesterday, but time is running out for the eight-time champ. Yuri is relentless, and forgoes sleep to squeeze out every last inch of progress. he only has 228 miles to run. Ashprihanal may not have a miraculous finish in him, but he sure knows how to go out in style in his fourteenth attempt at this amazing race. Stay tuned for a fantasic finish.

Ashprihanal Aalto-2800 miles-42+06:19:41

Vasu Duzhiy-2700 miles-42 days+05:38:40

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