It was raining at the start today.  The forecast kept saying in two or three hours it will stop but instead of that until 5 pm every few hours it got worse. At 5 pm luckily the rain disappeared. And the remaining hours the 5 heroes had great conditions to run until midnight. And they all stayed nearly till the last minute.

Andrea had  a good nights sleep last night. And this night will be even better because there is one hour more available because we change for wintertime at 3 am. Today the first 11 hours the rain was slowing Andrea down.

But still he did finish the day with 113,7 km. Good enough for first place. Luckily his pain was far less than yesterday. He has 126 miles left to run……

In spite of the heavy rain Ushika had another great day. He came in second place with 107,4 km. He was very happy with this outcome. Because he has no personal helper he is always the last to go home to sleep. He biked home at 12:17. When I asked him what happened, why he is so late? He said  ‘ Is it already 12:30 ? ’.

Milan had it a little more difficulty than yesterday, quite similar to Andrea and Ushika. He made 93,9 km, good for third place

Nirbhasa is still forced to walk, because of his exhaustion. He walked soulfully and happily for 77,2 km. 

Ananda-Lahari started out at 6 am very fast but unfortunately had to change for walking after a few laps. He had a difficult evening. Finally he reached 81,4 km and was the first of the 5 runners to be driven home at 11:55 pm. He mentioned to Dhaneshvar, his driver,that he feels he has to walk tomorrow. As I mentioned before, luckily for Ananda-Lahari it is not a big drama. He is experienced in running and in surrendering to whatever comes. 




Andrea Marcato- 4700km- 41:0$46:08

Ushika Muckenhumer- 4100 km- 41:03:41:11; 2600 miles- 41:41:17:57:54

Nirbhasa Magee- 4100 km- 41:06:58:10

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- 3700km-  41:14:37:37;  2300 miles- 41:14:52:40

Six weeks on the road, the five runners are still moving. Two months ago, they were still training, thinking about upcoming weeks and months without any races or competitions. The body does not lose the muscle memory from years of training, unless the mind intentionally shuts down or ignores the urge to go forward. The only other reason is if you stop running completely, which, to the ultra athlete is inconceivable. Now, after 42 days, there is light at the end of the struggle. The first pioneer will have reached his destination on Monday, which will leave four more to carry-on, contemplate their fate, and plan for the after-glow of rest and relaxation when Day 52 is completed. But chances are, all five runners will never be the same, will not feel the same, and will not think the same. They will have transformed themselves by going within, breathing purer energy, and transcending their own expectations. As Sri Chinmoy has said and written so many times, “ The determination in your heroic effort will permeate your mind and heart, even after your success or failure is long forgotten.” 

They are good, they are great, they are lucky to have run. Carry on, Men.


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