The aftermath of tough days in high humidity and strong sun, coupled with the big thunderstorms of Friday night, left only four runners nimbly reaching beyond 60 miles today. Vasu Duzhiy has just over 200 miles to negotiate in order to finish on Tuesday evening. He again led everyone with 67.5 miles. He is averaging 69.03 miles per day (111.095km), and has built a lead of  86.5 miles over Kobi Oren. 

Kaneenika Janakova, sitting in second for the ladies, is in the midst of a remarkable comeback. Various problems had her facing a deficit on Day 22 of 46+ miles. As of tonight, she sits slightly over 5 miles away from level (just 10.5 laps). Champions always show their colors, and she certainly has been shining the last three weeks.

Kobi Oren- 2800 miles-41:12:15:03

Sopan Tsekov-4000km-41:05:09:40; 

2500 miles-41:10:01:03

Surasa Mairer-4000km-41:05:28:40; 

2500 miles-41:10:10:08

Kaneenika Janakova-4000km-41:13:46:52

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