3100 Mile Race history is based on great people doing wonderful performances in all kinds of conditions. Every sport thrives on statistics- …numbers, if you will- that define a level of competency above the regular or medium professional results, which are still above what a normal person could ever do. Day 41 is special, for there is only one competitor who has ever reached this day in the 25 competitions of the event. That position belongs to Ashprihanal Aalto, at the time a 45 -year old delivery man from Vihti, Finland, who ran 3100 miles in 40 days+09:06:21 in 2015. He averaged 76.776 miles/ 123.559 km per day. Unbelievable numbers, considering the heat of summer in New York, plus the Thomas Edison Career and Technical School was having its roof replaced, with scaffolding around nearly 40% of the running course, and heavy machinery buzzing about and over the sidewalk running track.

            The course record will not be broken again this year, but Andrea Marcato, the Italian wunderkind, is putting up stellar numbers to join in the conversation of best of the best runners. Today he went for 74.0880 miles/119.2339km- his 28th day in a row over 70+ miles. He has all but secured fourth place on the all-time list, and has a chance of procuring third place on the last evening, if it is Sunday, and if he has had two big days in a row of 138 laps. We shall see.

Harita Davies- 4000km- 40:14:15:40


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