The weather was again quite warm today, perfect for running.

Andrea had a good night’s sleep  He suffered the whole day from fore foot pain.   

As usual fighting all sorts of problems inner and outer (physical and mental) he won the day with terrific 116,8 km. This outcome, like yesterday, was almost miraculous for him.

Ushika had a super excellent day. He made the second place with 112,7 km (70 miles). A daily-result which he very rarely achieved during his many multi-day races in the last 21 years. That gave him so much joy that he asked me at midnight, at the end of the final lap, to buy tomorrow a huge flower bouquet for Sri Chinmoy’s statue in The Heart of Joy Café.

Milan did even better than yesterday. He made third place with 100,1 km. He was very happy about this achievement! What a feat, after so many days of walking.

Nirbhasa was once more forced to walk the entire day, because of his fatigue. He walked 80,3 km, did little jogging and hopes he can run again tomorrow. 

Ananda-Lahari walked for 73,0 km. He likes the cool autumn weather, unfortunately he was not able to run.  

Our team got a very nice letter from a kindergarten teacher who wanted to thank us for improving the feeling in the park.




Andrea Marcato- 4600km- 40:07:17:43; 2900mi- 40:17:46:42

Ushika Muckenhumer- 4000km- 40:05:41:10; 2500mi- 40:10:04:03

Nirbhasa Magee- 4000km- 40:02:05:13;  2500mi- 40:07:23:19

This was Day 41. In 3100 Mile race-history, only one man has ever finished  3100 miles on this day. Recall 2015- Ashprihanal Aalto, Finland, in a field of 10 men and 2 women, ran and finished the race in 40 days+09:06:21. He averaged 76.776 miles / 123.559km per day. It was his 13th 3100 Mile Race. He broke the previous record, set by German Icon and ultra-runner extraordinaire-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk- by 23 hours 10 minutes. He pulled 7 of the 8 finishers to personal bests. Ashprihanal had a dream, believed in the dream, worked to get himself ready, and just ran and ran until he was finished. He said it was like a meditation. On Monday, in just three days, another runner will finish the 3100 Mile Race. He also has had a dream, and in amazing style, will reach this goal, in his first attempt. Andrea Marcato knew he had to put the time in, doing training, getting the mind to believe in transcendence language. Meditating on peace and tranquillity. He is now less than 200 miles from his Goal. Keep him in your thoughts, folks, as another star is burning bright in the ultra marathon world.

It was inevitable, but Ushika Muckenhumer passed Nirbhasa Magee for second place overall. Nirbhasa has had extreme fatigue issues since the middle of the race, and combined with Ushika’s surge in mileage and energy, the elder runner slipped past the younger man today. We all wish both men good luck, as well as the other two chaps who will finish the race without fanfare. Milan Javornicky, ran his best day since Day 1 again. Some say that to get to the starting line of this event is much harder than actually running it. It is all in the journey. Keep dreaming the Dream!


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