Vasu Duzhiy reached 2700 miles for the sixth time in his multi-day career, all but sealing a win that appears about six days away. He reached 63.11miles today, extending his overall lead to 97 miles. Kaneenika Janakova was Day Leader, however, as she garnered 63.66 miles to move closer to an historic finish. She has not tallied less than 112 laps (61.46 miles), since Day 7. Her consistency and high mileage are setting new milestones for women as she nears the last 500 miles of the race. It is not a done deal, but the mild weather has helped her maintain an amazing performance level. Harita Davies has finally reached the plus column in mileage throughout the race and seeks to build on this small security blanket. With 11 days left she is two laps ahead of pace. Yolanda Holder completed her eighth straight day at 62.01 miles or more. She has to maintain mileage and form for 11 more days, one day at a time. A daunting task, but for Yolanda, there is only one option- Go for it. 

Vasu Duzhiy- 2700 miles- 40+17:36:04

Nirbhasa Magee- 2600 miles-40+16:52:35

Yolanda Holder- 2400 miles- 40+13:03:51

Andrey Andreev- 2200 miles- 40+16:59:14

Nidhruvi Zimmerman -2100 miles-  40+08:14:20


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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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