On a warm, muggy day in New York, Yuri Trostenyuk and Ashprihanal Aalto both reached 65.85 miles, to maintain their distance apart, and to inch closer to finishing in about a week. Yuri has totalled 2662.22 miles, 21 miles ahead of Ashprihanal, the multiple-times champion. With the hot weather a thing of the past, all the runners will be seeking max miles as only 12 days remain in the quest. 3100 miles or not, the men and women of this race have shown and will continue to show a determination and dedication to the task that few of us could ever duplicate. The best part of the race is still to come. Finishes, near misses, completions not reaching the destination- to us it is all the same. They all have strived and won, we are just waiting for the result. Each group of runners who try the 3100 is unique in its own way. Indeed, every year of the race is different, but the challenges are always intense and relentless- these endless miles and far-reaching days.

Good luck, runners.

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The Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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