The runners were blessed by another beautiful golden autumn day. 

Sunlight shone and blue skies beemed - how different from the rainy days just one week ago.

Andrea had a rough morning caused by lack of sleep during the night. He recovered well during the day and regained his usual speed. At night shortly before midnight he made a very deep spiritual discovery. After the Race, he might tell it. 

Fighting all sorts of problems he again won the day with another fantastic 114,8 km. It was a miracle for him.

With all things going well he should finish this coming Monday around 9 pm.

Ushika bravely soldiered on today. He looks every bit the running warrior, his face full of perseverance and determination. Being the local hero, he has many friends and supporters visiting him every day. He definitely has the home turf advantage. He had an excellent day and made the second best with 106,4 km.

Milan is fully back! He enjoyed another strong day of running, as his shin splint injury is almost entirely over. He told us he is 95% pain-free, a great improvement for him and an even greater relief. He made third place with 99,1 km. Well done Milan!

Nirbhasa was forced to walk the entire day, as his body suffered from deep-seated fatigue. He had to learn the hard lessons of surrender and non-expectation. He still has a comfortable cushion of miles, so there is every chance for him to finish the race in time. He went home at 10 pm to get a good night sleep. Luckily Thomas our Race Doctor could not diagnose anything more serious than deep exhaustion. Nirbhasa walked 64,7 km today.

Ananda-Lahari is still waiting for the call to run. He sees it also as a surrender lesson. He apologised for not running.

In a joking way we excused in return for dragging him in into this. He walked for 75,1 km.   

Abhinabha and Priyavadin


Andrea Marcato- 4500km- 39:09:58:08; 2800 miles- 39:10:50:25

Ushika Muckenhumer- 2400 miles- 39:00:50:20

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-  2200 miles- 39:12:55:40

Forty days have passed, and the Frequent Five are still moving. Milan had his best day since Day 2, or before electric cars were invented. For the last five days, Ananda-Lahari has walked an average of 72 laps per day- none backwards. Nirbhasa, who has severe weakness, still somehow did 40 miles, without thinking about particle physics. Ushika had his best day since Day 1, when his workers at his music shop were cheering him on with violins and cellos worth tens of thousands of Euros- in the rain. And Andrea Marcato reached 114.8 kms/ 71.33 miles again today, giving him only 271.13 miles/ 436.34 kms/ or 419 laps of the course to go to finish 3100 miles. He could finish as early as 19:00 hours Salzburg time on Monday next- and that is no joke!!

Keep going fellas…..


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