Vasu Duzhiy ran 62.56 miles today, and stands only 529 miles away from another finish, and another victory. He is cruising into his last week on the course with no worries, little stress. Yet, he is giving his best every day.He could have stayed home to mend a back injury, yet the spark was there to come back and run. His sixth straight finish awaits in eight days or so. Kaneenika Janakova led the ladies again with 64.75 miles. She is ahead of her best by 60+ laps, and is in position to threaten the record. She has also climbed within 14 miles of second place- truly a great performance is happenning right before our eyes. She is pulling along Harita Davies, who is nearly even on pace to finish, as well as Yolanda Holder, who again reached 62.0144 miles, to stay in the plan to reach the Goal.

There is no question that every entrant in the 3100 Mile Race is talented in the sport of running very long distances. The comparison of talents is based on results, but results sometimes do not define the runner, the heart that he or she displays. Their emotions are often on their wrists, ready to be given or expressed at a moments notice. The stress level of this particular very long race can be very high as the days and weeks go by. Today, the least recognized athlete, the 'Lanterne Rouge' of the group, expressed a talent deep and exhilarating at the same time. Ananda-Lahari Zuscin, for all the questions about his heart, his mind, or his ability- released a wonderful run- 87.80 miles to be exact. It was not intended to be a statement- he is a man of few words. Rather, it is his canvas, this race, and as an artist of the race he chooses how to get the laps- fast as possible or at a walking pace slower than the people he avoids bumping into on the sidewalk. This race is his life's work- 13 episodes in 13 years of trying. We wish him many more. He loves ice cream, too!

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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