Almost perfect weather accompanied the runners today, as six went past 60 miles.

Andrea Marcato is accentuating his effort with each step. He surpassed Grahak Cunningham as the fourth fastest runner all-time to reach 2700 miles today, virtually passing Mr C by four hours after the dust settled.  Now with less than 400 miles to go, the Italian runner is planning his lap totals for the push to the finish line.

The 2700 Mile Race was the direct predecessor to the 3100 Mile Race, and lasted just one year in the summer of 1996. Georgs Jermolajevs of Riga, Latvia ran 2700 miles in 40 days +11:49:07 to secure the top step on the podium 

The top five at 2700 miles in event history right now:

  1. Ashprihanal Aalto, Finland                             2700 mi- 35:03:34:45- 2015
  2. Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk, Germany     2700 mi- 35:14:01:21- 2006
  3. Galya V Balatskyy, Ukraine                            2700 mi- 37:08:09:47- 2015
  4. Andrea Marcato, Italy                                     2700 mi- 37:11:03:05- 2021
  5. Grahak Cunningham, Australia                       2700 mi- 37:15:09:55- 2012
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