Good weather today as it was sunny the whole day, cool in the evening and cold at night. Super weather means good running, three days in a row. At night our wonderful doctor and chiropractor Rahul treated 4 of the 5 runners and quite a few of the helpers! Helpers need help sometimes!

4 of the 5 Musketeers ran until midnight. Only Nirbhasa went home early. He reached 96 km.

Andrea was inspired to push on and brought it up to 114,8 km. It was another daily victory for him. If one would look only at the numbers one might think it easy for Andrea. But it is anything else but that. Andrea is literally fighting for every second. He finished his day at 11:56 pm and was not happy, because he lost 4 minutes. A nice man in Vienna is watching the Race every day online and asked a friend in Salzburg to visit Andrea and get an autograph from him. And so he did. It gave Andrea so much joy. 

Ushika reached 102,2 km and was super happy with his result. Which brought him second place for the day.

Ananda Lahari was walking again and covered 74,1 km. He is always happy and full of joy. 

Milan was again jogging, reaching 86,6 km. He is ready for more! 


Ushika Muckenhumer- 3700km- 37:07:27:04

Five and a half weeks have passed, and the intrepid five have dug deep to see what they have, and for two more weeks, four runners will continue to muster the energy to run and run. Andrea, the lucky one, has only six more days of pressure and intensity and determination to glide his way to an unprecedented Goal, which he has dreamed about for several years. So far, his body has held up. But his feet are pretty beat up, I am told. His focus is still excellent, so we all hope he can get it done by Monday evening next week. 415.1 miles / 668.04 km remain. Keep smiling, Andrea, just like Ananda-Lahari and Milan are doing, still going, still learning, still smiling. Nirbhasa and Ushika will finish just before or on the last day. 


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