Today had good weather, sun for a while, cold in the evening and at night. Perfect for running happened for the second day in a row. All five musketeers ran until midnight.

Andrea was inspired to push in the evening and brought it up to 115,8 km. He won the day, is very strong and looks amazing. In the morning he had a problem with a toenail. I agreed to help him at approximately 7 pm. He did not say a word about this nail problem. So far problems just come to go for Andrea.

Ushika ran 104,3 km for the day, getting  Second place, once more.

Nirbhasa, feeling still under the weather, reached 100,1 km. Fantastico! He seems to accept the situation as it is. He still has a very weak voice.

Milan did well. In the evening he had to walk because his shin splint started to bother him again. He covered 86,6 km, more than the last few days.

Ananda Lahari was walking again and covered 76,1 km. He expects a good day tomorrow. He is an idol, showing how happy a great runner like him can be even when he is not able to run. 



  • Andrea Marcato- 4200km- 36:17:11:14
  • Nirbhasa Magee- 2300 miles- 36:09:36:25
  • Ushika Muckenhumer- 3600km- 36:08:47:00

Milan Javornicky- 3000km- 36:06:08:07

Andrea has just a week to go–seven full days- to get to his goal of goals. 3100 miles is no longer a dream or a ‘maybe’ project, or a ‘next year’ meme- it is a now project. He has smashed every Italian national record from 1500km and 1000 miles, including each and every day total past 14 days or more. 26 out of 37 days on the road, he has reached 70 miles or more. Elite running. Andrea also has an underlying depth and confidence in his physical and mental attributes, plus his wondrous motor and focus on each breath and step. He could probably excel in several sports. Of course, he is a long-distance swimmer, and I am told the English Channel may be in his future. Keep it going, Andrea, the Goal is closing in on you! 

The other lads are also doing well, and three finishers are firmly in the picture. The percentage history of finishers in the 3100 Mile Race is at 62.1 %. Forty men and eight women have reached 3100 miles since 1997 on a certified course.

The most finishes by one runner is 15 for the men by Ashprihanal Aalto of Finland, and 13 for the ladies by Suprabha Beckjord of USA. Those totals stagger the mind, but open the heart to appreciation and ultimately- Joy. 


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