It threatened rain today, but the wet stuff stayed away for the most part. Our intrepid warriors did the best they could with tired legs, achy feet, and the endless miles ahead of them. Vasu Duzhiy led all competitors again with 68 miles, extending his lead once again to a full day over second-place Kobi Oren.

Vasu passed 2500 miles, while Kobi reached 4000km, a personal best and new national mark. Ushika Muckenhumer continues to amaze with his third day of 65.85 miles out of the last four.  He is firmly in third place with 15 days left in the race. Vasu has only 544+ miles to go to finish the race. Early projections have him finishing a week from Tuesday (today), on July 31. We will see how this plays out and if the moderate temperatures continue to thrive.

Vasu Duzhiy-2500 miles-36:03:18:06

Kobi Oren-4000km-36:13:15:01-PB,NR

Sopan Tsekov-2200 miles-36:07:08:20

Surasa Mairer-2200 miles-36:10:40:01

William Sichel-2100 miles-36:16:34:40

Smarana Puntigam-2100 miles-36:17:15:15

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-2000 miles-36:07:53:05

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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