Four runners made it past 60 miles today. The weather was furious rain and wind in the mid-morning, lasting until lunch break, which left stacks of sloshed shoes and rain parkas, but no complainers. The mercury stayed at 65ºF (19.9C), the lowest since the beginning of the race. By evening it was time to run faster. Kaneenika Janakova was practically dancing around the course, leading the Day with 64.2 miles. She is 39+ miles ahead of her finish of 2016, and is feeling no pain. Nirbhasa Magee matched Kaneenika with laps until the last two hours, her leg speed too much for a chase. His lead over third place overall has dwindled to 18 miles. Harita Davies climbed to within two laps of even par for the race with 60.91 miles. Yolanda Holder continues to ratchet it up the last three hours of every day, reaching 62.01 miles for the fourth consecutive day. Folks, if you are a night-owl, you have got to witness the history being made by the top three ladies. It is worth the trip. 15 days remain. 

Vasu Duzhiy-2400 miles-36+05:46:41

Nirbhasa Magee-2300 miles-36+00:54:54

Kaneenika Janakova-2300 miles-36+06:40:30

Harita Davies-2200 miles-36+16:40:18

Nidhruvi Zimmerman-1900 miles-36+11:33:48

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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