Andrea Marcato continues his efforts to find new ways to reach his goals. He is moving with purpose and conviction, and his 70-Mile streak has reached 22 straight days. This evening he topped the 4000km mark nearly eight hours faster than his Salzburg, Austria mark. He reached 2500.33 miles /118.349 km for 35 days- another personal best. His final target is moving into the high rent district of the 3100 Mile Race- legendary performances that the best in the world have offered to us lucky observers. If he maintains his efforts and avoids injury, a new ranking place awaits his finish. Watch for this man to impress you with his power strides and intense focus.

Wei Ming Lo surprised everyone, when, today, before noon, he switched from his famous plastic sandals to a legitimate pair of running shoes.  The almighty sidewalk course would not allow runners to fly by with sandals for the whole event- at least not this time. Still remarkable- nearly 2200 miles running in sandals, with nary a blister or a sore muscle.

Stutisheel Lebedev went past the 2000-mile mark for the 12th time in his remarkable sporting career.

Andrea Marcato- 4000km- 34:14:20:50

Stutisheel Lebedev- 2000 miles- 34:14:46:43

Miles /km per day average

Andrea Marcato             71.438 miles / 114.968 km                         

Wei Ming Lo                   63.880 miles / 102.805 km

Vasu Duzhiy                   62.233 miles / 100.155 km

Harita Davies                 61.167 miles /   98.439 km

Takasumi Senoo            59.631 miles /   95.966 km

Stutisheel Lebedev        57.498 miles /   92.534 km

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin   56.103 miles /   90.289 km

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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