Heavy rain at 6 am at the start, than on and off, finally the rain went to Spain and it stopped at the afternoon and stayed dry until midnight. Thank God! Temperature was around 7 degrees Celsius , no wind.

Ushika had a blessingful day. He was very grateful for being so happy the whole day. He ran as usual until midnight and closed the day with 104,3 km.

Like yesterday only Andrea ran further. He won the day with impressive 114.8 km. Daniele, his Italian helper is back and will serve Andrea the next three days. Thank you very much Daniele for coming back. Andrea is very happy that you are here.

Nirbhasa has the capacity to run nearly without energy. He made it up to 99,1 km,

recovering slowly for GI issues and some weakness. Being already in the car he thanked everyone silently and very soulfully for the day.

Ananda Lahari was walking and covered 78,2 km until midnight. On his way home in the car he expressed his feeling, that he still feels he can finish the Race in time. Go for it, Ananda Lahari!!!

Milan very patiently struggled on and succeeded in finishing 77 laps which brought him 80,3 km ‘on his bank account’.

Hopefully the weather forecast is correct and it will get warmer and basically no rain the next 5 days.





Five-week daily averages:

Andrea Marcato- 70.504 miles / 113.465 km

Nirbhasa Magee- 62.923 miles / 101.265 km

Ushika Muckenhumer- 61.170 miles / 98.443 km

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- 56.494 miles / 90.918 km

Milan Javornicky- 51.231 miles / 82.449 km

Two and a half weeks to go, and the Fab Five are continuing their push to lap land. The precious commodity can only be felt and revered by these hearty souls. Repetition of the same course for 75 to 115 times a day is not in the slightest a sense of boredom. Rather, their minds and hearts know the difficulty in reaching such a distance within 52 days begins with each step, each determined movement is the means to an end. There is no backing down. There is no doubt at this point. They move with poise and purpose. Some will finish, some may not, but there is no difference in the effort. This is humanity at its finest. We cannot all be champions on the victory stand, but we can applaud these men as they push the envelope towards greatness, and encounter maybe more goodness inside them, and outside as well. Keep it going brothers of the Multi-day experience! 


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