The morning weather became warm and sunny, with the temps up to 77ºF and the humidity rising. The afternoon turned a little cloudy, and the air shifted, bringing some relief from the post-summer warmth.  However, the heat could not delay the runners flowing running skills. Six of the seven reached 60- plus miles, with the Race leader Andrea Marcato flipping another 75.185 miles/120.99 km onto his scorecard. Mr Marcato has passed his best times in the super long schedule of the race, including 2400 miles and Day 34 totals. Japanese hero-warrior Takasumi Senoo reached 2000 miles in a faster time than his Athens warm-up race in 2020, just before the pandemic stopped New York City in its tracks. We are grateful to all concerned for the impetus to create new 3100 Mile memories on the same course as always. Carpe Diem!! Oh runners of the 3100 Mile Race.

Andrea Marcato- 2400 miles- 33:11:14:23

Takasumi Senoo- 2000 miles-33:09:54:39

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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