Rain, rain - go to Spain! It was raining from the beginning to the end with little breaks. Luckily the temperature was around 7 degrees Celsius without wind.

Ushika had a super difficult morning, his mind was moving in a downward spiral, getting more and more negative.

He already had physical manifestations in the form of pain coming, but by God’s Grace he halted the mental vicious circle and the pain went away.

The worst possible outcome for the day turned out to become a great day as he finished with 100.1km.

The rain did not bother him at all any more, he went home very happy and elevated.

Only Andrea did more, winning the day with 108.5km, but it was a real struggle. When I brought Andrea to the car to go home I told him that his total mileage was about 2397miles and that he has only 703.7 to go.  He asked me if the scoreboard was correct and his eyes were sparkling with joy and delight.

Nirbhasa had a tough day, feeling sick. Despite that, he travelled 81,4km until midnight.

Milan’s shin splint got worse again and he did 76,1km until midnight.

Ananda Lahari was walking again and covered 74,4km until midnight. He is very poised and unperturbed but in no way is he lazy. It is his great capacity to accept whatever happens, and always he stays very relaxed. His depth and acceptance has made it possible to participate in this, his sixteenth 3100-mile race in a row. Which is a record that stands on its own.



Andrea Marcato- 3800km-33:08:19:15; 

Nirbhasa Magee- 2100miles- 33:03:34:33; 

                                3400km-  33:08:27:26

Milan Javornicky- 2800km- 33:16:43:20

Keep it going fellows. Nearly five weeks on the road and rain every other day it seems, yet, even the gloom of night cannot stop these warriors.

There are many people across the pond and around the world who are following and watching you all.

Keep your best spirit, breathe deeply, and stay healthy. 


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