With three full weeks to go, the runners are moving well, but the overall wear and tear on their bodies is more and more apparent. However, the stays in medical are short and to the point. There is no time to waste. You have to give it your all. The daylight is getting shorter. There is no time to waste.

Andrea Marcato continues his onslaut with 18 straight days at 70 miles or over 113 km. Wei-Ming is just 5 miles away from 2000 miles, a new milestone in his resume. Vasu Duzhiy went past the 3000 km mark for the 9th time in his super-long career. Harita Davies followed suit seven hours later, reaching 3000km for the third time.Takasumi Senoo, the Japanese runner in the 3100 for the first time, is in the good figures by less than half a lap. 

Vasu Duzhiy- 3000km- 30:01:24:58

Harita Davies- 3000km- 30:08:29:44

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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