Four weeks in and the only runners to pass 60 miles today were Vasy Duzhiy and Kaneenika Janakova. Vasu was strong to the finish with 63.66 miles, whilst Kaneenika padded her lead on the distaff side with 62.56 miles. She is third overall, but the two chaps ahead of her are well aware of her prowess. Three and a half weeks still await the 10 runners. As of right now six are on pace to finish within the 52 day limit. They have all fought the battles necessary to survive, but to finish can sometimes be a mirage in the desert- right there, and then, it disappears in an instant. Heat, higher temperatures, humidity indexes rising, sudden winds and thunderstorms -change everyone's plans. Not to mention stomach and GI issues. But the poise necessary to finish this race is undoubtedly a real reality. We always tell them' Never Give Up, Never Give Up." One never knows what experiences await the journey, and the pilot of the journey. Good Luck to all the runners

Vasu Duzhiy-3000km- 27+16:32:10

Kaneenika Janakova-1700 miles-27+00:49:41

Sergey Kuzmin-1550 miles-27+12:15:22; 2500 km-27+13:54:28

Andrey Andreev-1550 miles-27+16:05:10; 2500 km-27+16:59:32

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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