Eight of ten runners seized the day and ran past 60 miles, a fine output in a hazy warm day that is a precedent for a warm weekend approaching. Ashprihanal Aalto led the way with 70.2 miles, his first such foray since Day 5. Meanwhile, Atmavir padded his overall lead to 46 miles over Yuri Trostenyuk, who, by default and Vasu's deep blisters,moved into second position. Also significant is that Kaneenika Janakova has climbed to within 10 miles of ladies leader Surasa Mairer.

In seventh place, and sporting the last vestige of hope of finishing the race from the other side of the mileage divide, Sopan Tsekov has moved to within 31 miles of the mileage high-rises. He has fashioned his own streak of seven straight days above 62 miles, and God-willing, has a chance of getting level before the race ends. But a simple glance of his mileage bank account will reveal that he has no leeway for errors or bad days. He is healthy, and has pure motivation to finish within the 52 sunrises. Good luck to all.


Surasa Mairer-1550 miles- 24 days+01:13:27

Kaneenika Janakova- 1550 miles-24 days+04:24:30


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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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