Four six-day races later, the band of seven continue their onslaught in search of laps, a currency unlike any other conceived or imagined. Sri Chinmoy, the founder and primal force behind the Marathon Team worldwide, saw the promise and eventual acceptance of running on loop courses as a viable alternative to the many trail ultra-marathons that inhabit the sports world. 135 multi-day races later, and somehow the SCMT has weathered the onslaught of 36 years of long races, and revealed the mantra of our  3100 Mile flagship race- “Self-Transcendence”, to go beyond one’s previous achievements. As he so succinctly writes: ”The pride of the earthly race and the joy of the heavenly race have the same goal: Self-Transendence”.

Andrea Marcato once again went beyond his previous achievements by running to 1700 miles in 24:03:36:31, nearly nine hours faster than his split at Salzburg, Austria.

Wei Ming Lo ran several laps today, many in the rain, at about 5:00 minutes or even faster, while topping off his day by going home just past 8:30pm. He might need beauty sleep, but the 57-year-old sandal runner is doing very well in his first 3100. He is by far the quickest man on the track.  More later! 

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